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I'm starting to love hiking more and more

 While most of the world is getting sprinkled with some light snow, Arizona is still bringing on the sunshine. Granite, the weather has dropped down to the low 70's, but it's still quite enjoyable. 

The last 3 weekends have been spent hiking some new trails around the area. I recently discovered (and not by choice) that when given the situation, my body is able to conquer a 12 mile adventure. There's an experience I don't plan to relive. But really, all these outdoor adventures have been really nice. It's amazing how a city you've lived in for many years still has so much to offer when truly explored. (Here's a mini clip I shot.)

Besides the typical F21 and H&M, I've been finding myself more in the REI store, always on the lookout for some "stuff." Just last week I went a little crazy on their infamous Garage Sale. I came up on some practically brand new hiking boots and an Osprey Aura 50 backpack. I couldn't believe it. I got lucky with some pretty awesome deals!The backpack is definitely going to come in handy for my trip around the world I intend on doing one of these days. In the meantime, I'll just stick to the AZ know, break the backpack in a little.

I just couldn't resist getting this Arc'teryx Atom jacket, too. It's so soft and comfortable. This was definitely one of those good investment pieces that was much needed for the closet.


  1. Really beautiful pictures !


  2. Beautiful shots! & Clif bars are amazing<3 Totally yummy~ ^.^


  3. I've actually never been hiking. I mean unless you count trekking through Central Park hahaha. I need to get out of the city for once and hike up and mountain. It sounds like fun!

  4. I never been hiking because I dont like the outdoors much..i'd probably complain the ENTIRE time hahah! You took nice pictures though! I'm sure the scenery is beautiful !

  5. You are right, expoloring your city shows you what you've been missing.
    You new follower,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to many more.
    Tarah Danielle
    Take me

  6. Beautiful, looks so fun. I've never been hiking but have always wanted to!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  7. Nice place for hiking
    and wow, 12 miles! You
    rock'd c:


  8. I love hiking too! Your pictures are wonderful, the landscapes are beautiful! I''ve been reading some of your older posts, travel... you seem to like the same things as me! I'm following you on gfc ;)
    Thanks for you nice comment! Keep in touch!

  9. That last picture is so beautiful, I wish there was a place here in England near me to go hiking!
    Saadiya x


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