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In my comfy clothes

 Today is said to be the last warm day here in Tucson until next year. I'm starting to miss the idea of autumn. I made sure to enjoy it by spending some alone the house. Lately I've been so busy with work and holiday shopping that this weekend I wanted to spend it laying around and relaxing. 

I got these leopard pants in Korea at a street market. My friends say that they're "ajumma" aka older woman pants, but I like them. They're so soft and comfortable.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment Dear, your outfit looks very comfy , I like it, Iam following you back now.

  2. Thanks for your comment, I love your blog!

    This jumper is gorgeous x

  3. You have been in Korea? how cool :D I want to go to Korea too.. But you have lovely clothes :)

  4. IN LOVE with those fringes...wish you'd post a better pic :-)





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