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The days are getting colder

It's finally beginning to feel more like winter in Arizona. I know we're a few months behind, but the desert likes to take it's time bringing out it's "four seasons." This week has been extra chilly to the point where I now go to bed with my fuzzy socks on (and I usually can't stand sleeping with socks on.) 

I did some rearranging in the closet this weekend, and whipped out all the sweaters I could find. The five pictured above, yeah, those are pretty much it.  I'm so not prepared for any other type of weather other than "sunny."


  1. I actually really like the yellow one! :)

  2. I didn't even know it could get chilly out there !? :o How cold is it ? Our highest peak was -30 celcius :D Happy New Year x Satu

  3. oOo~ the burgundy one is gorgeous~ Love them all too<3

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  4. Thanks for your lovely comment! The burgundy one is my favorite too.

    Happy new year!

    x Marianne


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