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Chicken ramyun- backpacking style

It seems like the weekends disappear in a blink of an eye. Why does the time have to fly by so quickly? Just as I was enjoying my leisurely hike in the mountains, it was time to turn back around. 

The weather was so nice and beautiful the past couple of days. I was lucky enough to see running water pass through from the melted snow tops. I also used this opportunity to break in my new boots and backpack a little more.

All that hiking was sure to build up an appetite, too. Good thing A and his friend brought their camping cookware. In a situation like this, carbs become your best friend.

1. Boiled water combined with our choice of ramyun. (We only had the Maruchan brand left in our cabinets, so that was an easy decision.)

2. Added some kimchi flakes that we found at World Market.

3. Yes, we actually brought some eggs, too. Added protein.

4. And for the finishing touch, Spam. The ultimate "meat" for any occasion, if you ask me. ;)


  1. Lovely photos! Nice recipe too :) I've been out in the wild for the last week (Sahara desert)
    Take care

  2. Haha this is so nice! Love the pictures :D! xx

  3. oh my goodness.
    this looks delicious!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Awesome that you're in Arizona, too, and what a pretty state we live in. :) That looks really tasty!

    <3 Leslie, Instant Fires

  5. Raman never looked more delicious!

  6. I love how portable it all is!

  7. Lovely pictures really :) I wish I could do this, but unfortunately there aren't a lot of mountains around paris ;)

  8. Um, looks delicious!! What a cute blog!


  9. Yummy!! absolutely love the place!! we followed u back too!! thanks for visiting us!!

  10. I didn't think it was possible to make Ramen look good but you pulled it off! :)

    Beautiful photos!!! Following back!

  11. mmm that actually looks really yummy, and how handy is that little stove?! you're so pro. I'm actually buying a hiking backpack this week, and you got me super excited for it!! lovely photos too

  12. Tasty! I love ramen, haven't had it for a while. You're making me crave for some now ;)

  13. Hi! I ended up visiting your blog from FTF bloghop ..and then suddenly I realized that I had been stuck reading your blog for 15mins :D In other words, I really like your blog ^^ I really, really, really like it♥

  14. Lovely pics!! Thank you for your comment!! I'm your new follower!! I'd love it if you follow back!! Keep in touch!! Kisses!! :)

  15. I've never seen kimchi flakes before! :o How are they?

    Also, I love putting Spam in all my noodles. It's so good even if the meat is questionable.

  16. omg. this made me hungryyyy!! yumm :)

    Would you like to follow each other for more sharing? xo visit my blog and leave me a comment on your favorite post! And I would love to visit your blog again for new posts ! xo

    Your ChicFabCorner

  17. this is such a cute post and ramen looks absolutely amazing!



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