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Inspiration Tuesday

 Photo credits: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

The weather here has been so off and on lately. Last week it was in the high 50's. This week it's now in the high 70's. Oh, this Arizona weather.

February is just around the corner, which means springs is shortly due to follow. I can't wait. There are just so many things I have planned, and places I hope to see. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. It the exact opposite here. It's freezing cold!

  2. Such cute things! Love the second shirt.

  3. Ah, you too!? I live in Southern California and the weather has also been pretty inconsistent. Last week, I was freezing my ass off and now this week, I'm sweating like a pig. Make up your mind damn weather!

    But yeah, looking forward to Spring as well. :)

  4. that stationery and the pencil case is super cute! everything you posted is very cute!

  5. I love all of these things! And your blog is wonderful! I can't wait to read more! I loooove Korean culture..(and Japanese culture!) and am addicted to so many Korean dramas at the moment. Do you ever watch those?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! : )

  6. ooo the cookie and milk soap is adorable!

  7. You're so lucky, it's been cold here in So Cal, although today we did get up to 78 deg :)
    <3, Mel

  8. I hope spring is coming soon, because it's freezing over here! Anyway, very nice blog post :) xx

  9. thank you michelle for your kind comment on my blog... By the way your blog seems to be very interesting, I am going to follow you ;)



  10. fun photos! that last shirt is to die for. and i'm such a fan of cute little stationery too!

  11. looked over your blog and now I`m happy that you found me! ^_^
    It`s very interessting that your mum is korean and that you post so much about that country! Why? Because I`m 100% korean ^_* but living a looong time in germany/berlin. I didn`t had been home for years, so I`m glad to see more pictures and post of my home-country.
    go on sweety, I`m excited to see more posts of you!

    1. I used to live in Germany, too, for about 6 years. I miss it sometimes. The fresh rye bread and deli meat there....mmm.

      Thank you for reading, Yuna!

  12. Haha it's funny because where I live, it's the complete opposite! Anyway, lovely post :)

  13. Thank you for reading my blog! I actually got the polaroid case here:

    There's other colours if you look through the seller's store. ^_^

  14. Lovely post. I love these colours. Especially the mint green!

    Chloe. Xo

  15. @Mae- Thank you for the link!

  16. That masking sticker set, I have that but then with other colors and prints :D

  17. Yay for washi tape! And I am sooo gonna make that washi tape bunting! It's the cutest!


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