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Inspiration Tuesday- Washi Tape

Photo credits 1,2,3

My washi tape collection is starting to grow....and grow.

I'm excited to start all these new projects I have in mind. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Flickr. They make great referencing tools.

Any recommendations on where to get cute washi tapes? I'm always on the lookout for new designs.


  1. They look so pretty! I want to make things like these too ^^ <3

  2. I really want to start collecting washi tape too: you've inspired me! ^^


  3. Woow that's such a good idea! Thanks for sharing, looks super cute :D

    Great post!


  4. so many cute projects! there are seriously endless uses for this stuff!

  5. So many great ways to use it!

  6. I wanted to get in touch because I came across your post while researching for my blog. I love it. I was inspired by your washi tape post.
    My blog | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche | is about living in North London as an architect, a mother interested in all things design.

    I know your readers are interested in Design and thought they might enjoy reading some of my posts.

    I especially chose one of my latest ones about washi tape inspiration.

    Would you be interested in sharing it with your audience?
    Speak soon

  7. hello Michelle!! Im so glad that you found me :) And of course!! Lets do a swap... the only problem is that i have to much letters to send this month... but, we can be in touch on instagram, and here, so i´ll let you know when im free okay??

    I hope that will be soon!!

    Because you do wonderfull things and i can't wait to do a swap with you :)

    Many hugs from Mexico Linda!!

  8. Gah, now I want some washi tape, and I haven't even started using my colorful cardstock yet. :'D

  9. I'm always passing by the washi corner everytime I'm at Michaels. It's hard to practice self control..i love all the patterns!

  10. Hi! I've been going through your posts because I am also a snail mailer. About the washi tape, we have some in our shop: Thanks if you decide to take a peek.


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