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Weekend street fair

Just another reason why I look forward to spring. The street fair was here for 3 days, and it was forever ongoing (so it seemed. )There were so many vendors, artists, booths, and shops set up that I spent the whole afternoon carefully looking at each and every one of them.

I chowed down on some jumbo turkeys legs amongst the other delicious street food. Fairs and carnivals always have the best tasting "fast food," don't they? I just couldn't resist the fluffy funnel cake, as well.


  1. Looks like fun!! Reminds me of the street fairs they have in NYC. Hopefully they'll start up again very soon but the weather is still a little bit too cold.
    Next time there's a street fair I will make sure to get some funnel cake, I haven't had it in like a year haha

    1. Go to that website to check the dates of street fairs in June. They don't have the dates for June yet but they will definitely have them up if you check back in April/May. Street Fairs always happen on Saturdays or Sundays!!

  2. yum - i love funnel cake! i love when the weather gets nicer and there are more street fairs with lovely art and tasty snacks :)

  3. Thank you Michelle! I'm so glad you like my pictures :)
    (I follow you back).

  4. Gosh! So many interesting things!

  5. I love street fairs as well. I can't wait for warmer weather to also enjoy flea markets~

  6. street fairs have lots of creative stuff. these pictures are nice!


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