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Current favorites and everyday wear

I've been using these products almost everyday since the beginning of April. I guess you could call them my spring wear. 

The Skagen watch was a wonderful birthday present from the bestie. I'll treasure it forever as she knows just how much of a watch junkie I am. So I've been wearing it on a daily basis ever since.

And honestly, I'm not a really big fan of Chanel's perfumes just because they're a little too musky for my liking, but the Jersey scent is *just right.* In fact, it's perfect for me. I picked this baby up while shopping around in Vegas last fall. ( In which I still owe pictures on.) I think it just might rank pretty high up there with my all time favorite scent, Clinique's "Happy." 

And tonight is another girlfriends' night out. It's dinner and a movie. You know what that means- sushi! Movie selection- The Great Gatsby. 


  1. I love your watch!

  2. Love all of these!!

  3. great stuff! I will have to try out that perfume. I really love chanel chance - it's one of my faves, so i'll have to try out jersey too. have a lovely weekende!

  4. Angel is a gorgeous shade, and I think the gold ring is so cute!

  5. Oh really lovelies for everyday!

  6. I used to love chanel no.5 - i hardly wear perfume nowadays. but i just got the urge to invest in one! :)

  7. First Bloom is the first floral scent I've actually liked! And loving the rose gold watch :)

  8. Your watch is so cute! Hmm I haven't smelt Jersey before, the bottle is pretty neat though. Nice picks :D

  9. lovely! I want to try a Chanel perfume, maybe I'll try Jersey first!


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