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Good mail days- Incoming kawaii package

This package was from a new penpal, Rachel, I made through Instagram. She saw how much I admired the cute stationery she had sent another penpal, and offered to send me a few as well. She was very generous to say the least.
The package was decked out in cute deco tape with a nice Danny Thomas stamp right in the corner. Talk about a classic 50's stamp. 
*scissors were not included.

I opened the package to find all these pretty papers staring back at me. *Swoon* These kind of stationery sets just don't exist here in Tucson. The closest city might be Phoenix, but even there I'd really have to look for those cute Korean/Japanese stationery stores, and that can be a challenge  Another reason why I just wait until I go to Korea. (Plus, they're waaay cheaper.)

Rachel was too kind and sent multiple letter sets all with their own different designs.

Thank you again, Rachel! These papers are too pretty to I just might hold onto them for a while. 


  1. omg these are adorable ^_^ Makes me want to to dig out my old sticker and stationary collection...

    1. Feel free to....and send them my way. ;)

  2. Cute Stuff - All of it.

    Would you like to follow each other? Please do check out my blog and let me know.

    That Sassy Girl
    That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

  3. Lucky!!! I know the deco tape!! I used to eat a strawberry flavoured chocolate from a oriental supermarket, I think the brand was Meiji, and it had this cute character.


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