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Incoming {surprise} mail

I received a surprise handmade "Thank You" card and envelope from Julie. She was one of the ten recipients of my handmade V-Day card giveaway. I love anything handmade, so this was definitely a pleasant surprise indeed.

 Incoming international postcards throughout the week-

And the beautiful stamps behind them-

Another surprise mail- a belated birthday package from Shelby. She even sent me a little silicone baking cup with cute cupcake holders and toothpick toppers. (not pictured)

Looks like I'll be working on some Thank You cards of my own here shortly.


  1. cute post

  2. My brother and I used to collect stamps when we were little. It must be such a blast to get stamps from all over the world! Definitely envying them!

  3. Wow, so many pretty stamps! It's so cool how you're getting to know so many people via snail mail :)


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