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Good mail days- Incoming for Malaysia

Hello all, and Happy Monday! Today's sweet and colorful snail mail comes from Win Naa in Malaysia. Her and I have been IG friends since the summer, but my first mail to her got lost somehow. I was so sad as I packed her envelope pretty full with paper goods. That's a risk I noticed with international mail, sometimes it arrives, other times it doesn't...or it just takes literally 3 months to get there. But any-who,  after another try at it, the second swap was a success!

Inside Win Naa's package was a nice hand-painted postcard, washi tape samples, stickers, and a sweet letter beautifully decorated with watercolors. (You can see what I sent her here and here.)
I've already stared using these stickers, too, within my traveler's notebook. Along with washi tapes, I love receiving stickers now more than ever being that I'm all into journaling again.

Thank you so much for everything, Win Naa!

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  1. Win Naa sends the best mail! Everything is packed with such great care and love. Thank you for sharing this post (lovely images too!) x


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