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My 2014 vision board

In the past two months I've been slowly working on my vision board, a cork board that represents my hopes and dreams with clipped out images and phrases. This was my very first time actually doing something like this, and I was open to the idea thanks to a few coworkers that insisted on how it's helped them achieve their personal and career goals.

Now, understanding that this isn't some miracle magic board that's going to make all my wishes come true overnight, this has helped serve as a daily reminder for myself, and keeps me on the path that I want to be and follow. It has dramatically strengthened my motivation and pushed me to a few levels I thought I'd never accomplish.

Having just starting this board in February, I've already achieved some personal things that I didn't expect to happen so soon. By envisioning certain events and ideal situations in my life, I actually started to feel how possible it can really all be. It inspired me to do more and continue with plans that I've had bottled up in my heart for so long. 

I know the term, "you only live once," is used so often these days, but that's' exactly how I feel right now. This is the year that will be different. By December, I plan to be living in a different country, having that ideal job, and living life to the fullest. I know I can make this possible, and it'll all happen. I just have to let it fall into place and wait patiently.

I'll close this post now with this oh-so-wise quote that just so happened to be attached to my tea bag today-


  1. I know I don't know you, but you're one of the most inspiring bloggers I keep up with. Your entries always put me in a positive and creative mood and I know you'll achieve your goals. Keep staying positive. :)

    1. Kimmy, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. This seriously made my whole day and put the biggest smile on my face with the warmest feeling in my heart! I truly appreciate it, and I hope I can continue to inspire you in some way or form. *super huge hug*

  2. Where do you want to move to?

    1. Hi Sandra!! I hope all is well in the UK. Even though my plan to move is still in the works, I'll give you a little hint, it'll be somewhere in Asia. ;)

  3. I love this, Michelle! I'm thinking I need a board like this--this ties right in with our conversations today. I like "keep positivity in my circle" and "don't doubt or be afraid." I feel like there is more on this subject that I want to explore/write about. Glad to be having this conversation with you!

    And, wow, moving to another country--how EXCITING! This is where blog reading and Instagram come in so handy as a friend of yours. :) I'll travel along!

    1. Yes, you should! The vision board was so much fun to create and put together. It really opened up my eyes in terms of what I considered important and of value in life.

      I'm excited to see where this year will take me. Once things fall into place, I'll be sure to share all the details too! I'm happy to have you along the journey as well, Amber, as you've been such a wonderful friend (and neighbor.) ^_^


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