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The Journal Diaries- Filofax for kids

Journaling can start at any age, really, and today my special guest is here to show us just that. All the way from the Land Down Under, I'm excited and happy to introduce Kelly and her son's nifty pocket size Filofax.

hello! my name is kelly & i usually reside on a little space on the world-wide-web called little red moose. however today, the ever-gorgeous & ridiculously talented creator of seaweed kisses has invited me to crash her interweb pad for the day- so here I am!

darling michelle, thank so much for letting me hang out in your space & listening to me tell you a story about a wee boy & his little orange filofax...

one could say i am a little bit nutty about paper organisers so i suppose, it is only natural my four-year old would pick up on my craziness urm...enthusiasm & want one of his own. i bought this pocket-size dorset nearly a decade ago & the moment i showed it to him, i could see in his eyes, this was the one.

the following are a few piccys showing how my little man rolls with his filofax (with a little help from his mumma!).

view one // the backside of the moustache flyleaf/dashboard house some neon green post it notes. facing that is a zippered pocket with a novelty personalised (mini) licence plate.

view two // in that same zippered pocket are various neon dinosaur shaped rubber bands. filofax translucent sticky flags are opposite of that.
view three // a packet of crayons he got free from an incursion at school ( i hole punched the plastic so they didn't fall out all the time.)

view four // the rest of the planner is filled with lined notepaper & a business card holder at the back. what makes me smile about this section are the little lists he writes. glancing at his adorable pre-writing penmanship, he explains these lists to me (e.g. buy a rubbish truck, watch dinosaur movie, ride my bike...)... you get the gist, all very important & vital things in a four-year old's life!

this oversized pencil case is perfect for storing his filofax & accessories when we're on the move.

sweet michelle, i'm off now. thank you all for taking the time to read this lil' tidbit about my son's filofax & i must be honest here...i think i'm liking my kid's set-up better than my own!


Well, I must say that is one cool planner for a four-year old! I think at that age my parents were stuck on giving me dotted composition notebooks in hopes of that settling. But, my! What a great and fun set up you've helped your son with, Kelly!

Do make sure to stop by and give Kelly a friendly "hello!" She blogs here and snaps more pictures here of her wonderful (and very organized) Filofax planner. She even has a Youtube video displaying her beautiful personal malden which I've watched like 5 times.You've got to check it out!


  1. This one is really cute! :D

  2. Wow! Maybe this is what my kids need! Their own planner/filofax! What a cool mum thing to do :-)

    1. Yes, Kelly's so creative! You should look into getting a planner for the little ones. I'm sure they'll love it!

  3. Brilliant! I'll be making these for our summer travels!

  4. My kids each had to have a pocket size of their own, too! Miss7 uses hers to keep reference notes for tricky homework things, and from watching me she figured out how to make her own dividers and page markers. Biscuit (5) uses his as a drawing notebook. Both of them stuff them full of sticky notes and cover them with stickers and each have a pen cup with rubber bands around it just like mine. I pretty much let them do as they like with them. Miss7 takes very good care of hers, rough Biscuit is rough but his rings are holding up well considering.

    Miss7 wants to upgrade to personal now. I have a Domino here with her name on it that she'll have when she's a bit older :)

    1. How fun! I'm sure your kids love using their Filofax. When I was younger, I remember using my planners more as a daily diary and doodling all about my school crushes. ;)

      That's so nice that you already have another planner waiting for your daughter. It'll be such a pleasant surprise once she receives it!

  5. This is gorgeous & thanks for sharing! (wish I'd had one at such an early age)

  6. That is so sweet - bless him!!!


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