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A new sketchbook

I've been full of ideas and random imagery as of lately so I picked up a new blank journal to work with. While I normally turn to my Traveler's Notebook, I decided that the Midori was going to be used mainly for just that- my travels and adventures, not random doodles and daily thoughts.
I like that these pages are a little wider than my Midori too so I can add more content to the book without having to feel like I'm squeezing things onto the page.
And although this sketchbook has plenty of pages to work with, I'm practically halfway through it. I only had it for about a month, and it's almost that time for a new one. Maybe it's the new Spring season or the change of weather (or my new meditation routine), but I've been spending a lot of my time in front of this journal just letting whatever comes to me flow out onto the pages. 


  1. Such a nice journal. I've been doodling too much in my planner, maybe I should grab a sketch book just for doodles. But I already have a lot of notebooks that I've been collecting that I haven't used yet. I always like buying more though. XD So bad.

    1. I always buy more too! You can never have too many, in my opinion. ;)

  2. So lovely! :) Thank you for sharing! I love to look at other people's creative journal pages. :D
    I wish I would use an extra journal just for doodling. But I can't handle more than 1 at a time. I know that from experience. ;)

    1. I LOVE looking into other people's journals too. It's almost borderline nosy in my case.

  3. Oooh, how lovely! I'd love to see a more detailed tour of what's in your sketchbook! I too, am sketching up a storm these days, yay for spring!

    1. Ooh! I'd love to see more of your journal too, Zie!


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