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What's in my bag

The Contents:

#1- Water: I make sure to always have this with me. Living in the desert can really drain the life out of you...literally.
#2- Daily planner: I typically don't carry my Hobonichi planner around, but for the past few weeks I've been journaling in my free time. I realized that most of my creative thoughts reveal themselves during the mid afternoon.
#3- Wristlet wallet- A birthday gift from last year that I've been using ever since.
#4- Phone case- Loving my new Note 2 case. I might as well call this my wallet too.
#5- Gum- Always got to keep that breath in check, especially after some korean bbq. I really know how to pile on the garlic.
#6- Pens and roll-on perfume- These are a must.You never know who's contact information you're going to need or directions you'll have to draw out. And the perfume is for those pop-up dinners and Happy Hours after work.
#7- Snack- I keep a small bag of nuts or fruit with me to avoid binge eating. 
#8- Lip gloss- because I'm not much of a lipstick or lip balm kind of girl.
#9- Notebook- for those most random yet brilliant thoughts, quotes, ideas, and jokes.
#10- Keys- to make the wheels go round and round.


  1. lol there's Styrofoam on the galaxy case still, have you even used it yet? :p

    1. Hahaha!! I know. Funny you mentioned that because it wasn't used up until after I took these pictures and did my last phone case post. I'm so bad at using new things.

  2. I love your goodies! Though, as a hugeeee lipstick junkie, I can't imagine not having at least 6 tubes on me at all times, hah.

  3. Wow. You have clearly in the bag.
    I love wallet and journals.

  4. Hehe, your description for keys. :3 Ideally I would only carry around my phone, keys and wallet but theres so many other things that I need on me (first aid kit, water, three cameras...).

    1. Yes, when I travel I carry 1 or 2 cameras with me as well. And water is a must!

  5. I absolutely love your blog.. you probably have seen this comment quite allot. I really mean it. All those crafting and journaling ugh heaven. I love journaling myself! Happy I find Your blog. I really like your daily planner and your notebook!

    1. Why, thank you so much!! welcome! I'm happy you came across my blog and enjoy it! ^_^

  6. Hi, there. Just found your blog through Notebook Stories. Enjoying going through the older posts and will add you to my blog reader. I love your bag. What brand is it?

  7. Oh, I saw another picture of your bag on an older post. It's a Dooney & Bourke! Yay! I love their bags.

    1. Yes, it's a Dooney, the Florentine Vachetta Satchel. It's my favorite at the moment. ;)


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