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The Journal Diaries- Hyun-Ju's Traveler's Notebook

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. (Click here for past posts.) My special guest today is Hyun-Ju from South Korea.

Frank Lloyd Wright's work in Chicago,
used watercolors and black ink pen

San Diego (America)

An-dong (Korea)
Traditional Korea house and ground is covered masking tape

Leaves in fall and Starbucks card in USA

Food when I was eating in US

 Korean food

Gyeong-ju (Korea)
These two are cafes and looks like traditional Korean house

Ha-dong (Korea)
Of course two different traditional Korean house
used watercolors and colored pencils (prisma 48)

Missionary house in Daegu (Korea)
Mixing Korean style (roof is style of Korean) and American (wall is red brick)

Japan, Edo-Tokyo Architectural Park
Sketching by fountain pen and stampings of park's stamps on the other pages

Color pencil drawings on the airplane

Handmade postcards
Doughnuts in Krispy Korea. Sales only in spring season this year

This is pat-bing-su (red bean ice dessert) as well as the Korean traditional dessert food

Illustrations with photos and Korean words

Movie review after watching the Grand Budapest Hotel

- Tell us a little more about yourself. Where are you from and what are your interests?
My name is Hyun-Ju. I am from South Korea and studying architectural engineering.

- How long have you been drawing and sketching for?
I learned a little drawing when I was young. As well, at that time, I considered to study more art. But now, it is quite different studying at university.

- What notebook do you use for your art, and do you have a favorite brand that you prefer?
Almost all books where I draw buildings and else is the Traveler's Notebook sketchbook. (Japan/Midori)
In addition, nowadays, I use postcard sketch book and Moleskine cahier.

- What is your favorite stationery tool at the moment?
Fountain pen (sketch) is best tool for me. And I use watercolors (only 12 colors). Sometimes I use color pencils, but I'm not good.

-What inspires you to create?
Oh, mostly I draw buildings! I am very interested in them as well as liking urban sketching!! Or sometimes using Korean and photos for my foreigner friends who are interested in Korean culture or language.

- What are some of your other hobbies other than drawing?
I like writing letters (so I have penpals as well, collecting used stamps on envelopes), traveling, watching movies and dramas, studying languages (still learning English, nowadays I'm learning Japanese, before I studied a little German) and so on. :-)


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful traveler's notebook and paintings with us, Hyun-Ju! And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can keep up with Hyun-Ju through her Instagram, @juu0831, or on her website here.


  1. Love the Grand Budapest drawing! <3

    1. I just saw the movie 2 nights ago and loved it. Such a simple yet cute movie.

  2. San Diego is SPOT on, I know exactly where that is, I've been there countless times so it's a mall ;p

    1. Wow, that's great that you can recognize it! I miss San Diego...That last time I went was 5 years ago.

  3. These drawings are beautiful! Like this journalling style!

  4. I live in Oak Park, IL a few blocks from the Frank Lloyd Wright district, and I walk past his old homes all the time. Your sketches looked familiar to me, even before I saw the captions. Beautiful work!

    1. Live in Oak Park? Wow! I really want to go there again! There are so many American modern house, not only Frank Lloyd Wright but also other architects!

  5. Recently, I watch your blog and my posting again! Thank you so much to publish in your blog! As well, I hope to go outside for drawing without opposition!!! :-)


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