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DIY Midori Traveler's Notebook inserts

Recently, as in just last week, I decided that I wanted to convert my Midori Travelers Notebook into a daily planner. I thought I wanted to reserve this notebook just for travels and adventures as I mentioned here, but I realized that this notebook is just too beautiful to have pushed aside, and I really want to get more use out of it.

I was *this* close to ordering the Midori weekly/monthly calender insert to get this new planner going, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $12-$14. So, I remember that Ray had generously listed some free inserts on his website, but I couldn't remember if there were calenders or not.
Lo and behold, there were! I am so grateful for finding these. (Ray, if you're reading this, many, many thanks to you for taking the time to make these. It is truly appreciated!) This is the Monthly Plan Pack I printed out. 

All I had to do was:
- download the pdf file
-  print them out (I used the duplex setting on the long edge as my printer didn't work with the short edge setting Ray recommends)
- cut out my cover (I measured a manila file folder to the exact size as my original inserts)
- trimmed the printed out calendar to fit the cover
- stapled all the pages together including the cover (using my handy-dandy long reach stapler)
- And there you have it!
For my "Projects" insert I just printed out 15 pages of the grid paper design (double-sided) and stapled them together. In there I have my 2014 and 2015 goals listed, vacation plans, books to read, favorite quotes, blog post ideas, etc.

I can't wait to slowly turn my traveler's notebook into more of my everyday journal. I have faith that this will become my new "it" journal.

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