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Good mail days- Beautiful minds inspire others

This mail from California arrived right before I left for vacation last month. What a pleasant surprise!
The front of the envelope had such a pretty design on it. As I was studying the decor a little closer I realized that Ann had actually hand drawn and painted the pattern herself. So beautiful!
Here are the contents nicely bundled up...
The first envelope contained a lovely letter and this vintage postcard with some vintage stamps.
And the second bundle contained a bunch of fun handmade goods that Ann drew and made herself. I enjoyed going through everything so thoroughly admiring the time and artistic work she had put into everything.
Ticket stubs - Notice the "I heart Seaweed Kisses" one? ;)
These adorable cactus and fruit stickers
And I'll for sure want to get a frame for this handmade picture. (I need to show you guys my wall of snail mail art I've received throughout the years. It's awesome and makes me smile every time I look at it.)

Thank you so much for this, Ann. Loved every bit of your package! All these goods are just too precious to use!


  1. Love all the little details in this post. <3 That envelope is just beautiful!

    1. Yes, she put a lot of details into her package! The watercolors add such a lovely touch, too!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it? It's always nice to see how creative others are and can be, especially in small snail mail packages. I enjoy looking at your mail posts as well. ;)

  3. The beauty is in the details, and it's even better when those details are hand-made!

    1. Yes, I agree! Hand-made makes it that much better!

  4. I saw this on Pinterest, so cute!


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