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Target stamps

It's been a while since my local Target has been on their stationery "game." And it's especially been a long time since their Dollar Section had anything like these in stock. I did manage to find a few stamp sets tucked away in the corner. Not bad for $3 each.

Maybe it's better that Target doesn't tempt me with their dollar deals now that I think about it. The holidays are sneaking up, and I really need to start planning and putting together my Fall Swap Boxes. (More details on that soon to follow.)


  1. great finds! i love those fonts!

  2. Target can yield some wonderful creative supplies sometimes! My Target has been known to have mini envelopes, washi tape, letter stickers, little notebooks, and labels (among other things!) in the dollar bins.

  3. I got these stamps too and love them!


  4. Wow, I love these stamps! I will definitely be checking Target soon :) I love Target's $1 pack of cards too!

    Emily //

  5. Unfortunately my Target is out of the cute little "sent with love" stamp set. I looked for it because it would be so awesome for my mail art. Darn it! :-(


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