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My washi tape collection

Over the past year or so my washi tape collection has significantly grown. There was a time where I could fit them all into little craft boxes, but then that quickly changed into full size drawers.

Being that I just recently moved, the majority of my collection has now gone on to new homes and crafters that could make better use of them. One thing, though, is that I made sure to keep all of the cute washi tapes from my dear and generous penpals. Their tapes are all safely stored in my travel passport organizer, you know, the one that I scored on Ebay for $2! 

For those looking for unique and cute washi tape designs, I would recommend looking on Etsy or Amazon. There are so many styles and sizes to pick from, it'll make your head spin. Or for those that are active Instagram users, you may be lucky to find some people that are willing to do a swap with you. That's always fun! I did a few of them here, here, and here. Also, one of my good Instagram friends, Doris, has an online store called DodoShop, where she sells pretty cute stationery including stickers, pens, and a few Midori items. That's where I also purchased my Traveler's Notebook pocket inserts a few months back. 

What are your favorite shops and resources? 


  1. I looove washi tape and seeing all of them together like in your photos. :) They're beautiful! I'll have to do a post about my collection one of these days...

    1. Thank you, Sarah. Yes, please do! I'd love to see it!!

  2. You have such pretty washi tapes! Love it!

  3. Wow - the vintage style washi tapes are divine. I love picking up new washi tapes from papercraft shows; there's always a few new styles around. And just now I'm trying to find the best storage/holder for my desk... it may end up being a DIY project.

    1. A fun DIY sounds like a great idea! I've seen a couple of good ones on Pinterest and have considered giving it a try. Once I find the time, I may look into this a little more. And how lucky are you to have papercraft shows! I'd gladly trade our yearly gem show for your papercraft shows and day! ;)

    2. Oh no! No papercraft shows at all??! Not fair. I thought we were missing out here in Australia but they are just starting to pop up - one called Paperific has been running a couple of years and there's a 'Stitches and Craft' show, but it's still a little old-fashioned in style (washi did make a small appearance at one stall last year!)

      Oh, and I found my storage solution, which I hope to post a picture of during the week. It didn't end up being a DIY after all. I'll just say that it is a small purchase from Ikea...

  4. Replies
    1. That's what makes them so hard to use! haha

  5. I love washi tapes! so easy to use.. and so helpful with decoration a blank sheet!


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