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The Journal Diaries- Daisy's Smash Books and Wreck This Journal

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. (Click here for past posts.) My special guest today is Daisy from the United Kingdom.

- Tell us a little more about yourself!
Well, my name is Daisy, I'm 20. I live in the south east of the UK on a little farm in the countryside with my family. I've always been creative, from making pretend mobile phones out of cardboard when I was 7, to doodling my way through school and college. Only recently I've started to embrace my crafty hobbies fully, after finding other crafters through Instagram!

- How did you become interested in each of the creative notebooks you currently use?
Firstly, I'd seen the 'Wreck this journal' on tumblr, ages ago. Back then I didn't really really know what it was and didn't really find out. After eventually finding out what it was, I obviously wanted a go and my boyfriend bought me one for my birthday (I think it was my birthday, could have been Christmas..).

The Smash Books I came across after seeing the K&Co youtube video advertising them, I must have been on a general crafty videos search, and that popped up. I immediately wanted one, and got onto amazon to see what they had.

The lists book was suggested to me by someone on Instagram. In August I joined the Facebook group that runs it, considering they were all halfway through Augusts lists, I waited and got an idea of how people presented their lists and what notebooks they all used etc. Then I started it when their September list was put up!

A lot of the crafty projects I take part in are usually found on Instagram or YouTube in my suggested videos, there always seems to be something new to try!

- When do you find yourself smash booking or using your other creative notebooks? And how often do you make time for them?
The only ones I tried to do daily are the One Line a Day journal, and also the September Lists. The rest I do randomly whenever I feel in a creative mood. I love having a range of projects and journals on the go, so then there's always something to do. If I don't feel like writing then I can do some Smash booking. If I don't have loads of time to get things out and set up, I can just do a page or two in my Wreck This Journal. Each one depends on my mood, how much time I have on my hands, and whether I feel like writing or just creating!

- Where do you find most of the fun paper goods that are used within them?
I buy most of my papers from The Range, or Wilkinsons, both of them are shops that stock branded craft supplies, usually at slightly cheaper prices. I tend to buy the 6x6 paper/card stock pads, as I find these easier to store.

I get a lot of scraps from my mum too, she makes cards and has a humongous collection of papers and craft supplies. If she's having a clear out, most papers she doesn't want will go to me before they go for recycling or get sold on!

- Which notebooks would you say are your absolute favorite, and what do you like most about them?
I think my favourite changes a lot, I go through phases of using my Smash Book more than anything else, then I'll be really into my written journals. At the moment though it is my Smash Book, I've got to the stage were all the pages are finally coming together and being finished, so its nice to flip through (I usually put together part of a page and then come back to it later, but they are finally filling up now!).

- Where is most of your creativity captured? And how do you stay inspired?
My desk is not made for a crafter, it's great for writing so I tend to do all my written journals on there, but when it comes to my Smash Books and art, the floor is my best friend. That way I can get all my washitapes around me, I can fully rummage through my 'Bits to Smash Book' box. I usually do these when my boyfriend is at work, as I'm pretty sure he would get annoyed with not being able to walk in our room!

I think I do get most of my inspiration from Instagram, I use it daily and I follow some really wonderful accounts.

- Where are your notebooks stored when not in use?
They live on my shelves! My dad made me three shelves which sit above my desk, all of my Smash Books, projects and journals sit at an arms reach on the bottom shelf.

- Do you have any favorite stationery stores or brand?
Paperchase, they just have such a range of things available, and the quality is brilliant. If you are a stationery addict and ever find yourself in London, the Tottenham Court road store is absolutely  amazing..I spend ages in there and end up spending a bomb. But its SO worth it! It's multiple floors of stationery and craft items. Even with the smaller Paperchase stores, I can't leave without buying something.

- What advice, tip, or suggestion would you give for anyone looking to start capturing their creativity on paper themselves?
Go with the flow! Half the time you'll have an idea of what you want something to look like in your head, but when it comes to creating it, it turns out better if you work things out as you go. Plus, remember that there's no wrong way to be creative, I have had a lot of people say ' I want to start *insert a creative hobby they have seen on my Instagram here*, but I know I'll be rubbish at it.' You can't be rubbish at it, as long as you enjoy doing it and let all those creative thoughts you have in your head, loose onto the paper/book in front of you, you just can't go wrong.

Some days I have just got my paint out, and slapped on random colours onto a page. I never turned it into something, but it fed my creativity, I know eventually I could use it as a background or make it into something. But in that moment that's what I wanted to do. It would just look like a mess on a page to someone else, but I had fun doing it and know I will use it at a later date!

-What are a few other hobbies and interests you enjoy?
I love Photography, I studied it for four years at school and college, and originally wanted a career in it. I'm glad it's just a hobby now though! I also enjoy writing letters, I have a few penpals now from across the globe, I've not yet had the chance to do much travelling, so until I do, I find myself learning about other places and peoples lifestyles through the means of letters. I've made some great friends through doing it and it has made my list of 'places I want to eventually visit' a lot longer!


Thank you so much, Daisy, for sharing these creative pages with us! And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can see more of Daisy's journalings on her Instagram, @mygreencow, or check out her Youtube channel for more of her craftings here. She's also owner and creator of Daisy-Mae Jewellery.


  1. This looks like a ton of fun! You're super creative :)

  2. What was the Facebook page for the list book? It looks interesting and I might want to check it out. I just found your blog too. I'm going to enjoy looking around!

  3. I love the gorgeous papers in my Smash notebook!

  4. Love these photos! Such bright colors and great patterns. <3

  5. What a great interview!!

  6. How do I find out more about the Lists' Group that Daisy mentions? I am very curious! Thank-you!


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