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Good mail days- Incoming from India

Another pleasant surprise from my snail mail friend, Madhura. Her stationery always has a beautiful Indian theme to it, which I love. I hope to visit there within the next few years. 

With all this nice paper and stationery, I don't ever want to use it. There is a way that I've come to admire all of my wonderful mail from friends, however. That'll be shared in another post. 
And these unique stamps that have now been add to the collection. Believe it or not, as many stamps as I have now, I still don't store them "properly." While some may have a nice stamp album they use, I just tuck mine away in a vintage tin box..


  1. I love the collection of stamps you've shown and since India is my homeland, it brings back some amazing memories! Beautiful post - thank you!

  2. So, so pretty! Madhura always takes so much time and care for her letters :)
    Oh and I store my stamps into a tin box as well, it's not very practical especially when I'm looking for a particular one, but I still sort of like it!

  3. So pretty! Makes me want to write a "real" letter again, the way I used to...

  4. Lovely stamps! I don't store mine properly either. I lick & stick them into a stamp/art journal, horrifying lots of people who would never USE a vintage stamp... ;)

  5. I'm so glad to have found your blog, everything is cute and adorable! It makes me inspired to write letters and journals again :)


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