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How I store travel ephemera with the Midori Passport

It's been a few weeks now since my vacation to Korea, but I thought I'd share how most of my ephemera was stored and kept throughout the trip.

You know I had to bring my Midori Notebook on this travel! There was no question about it. Plus, this was her very first time out in another country. Look at all of the scratches I've collected along the way (mostly due to my phone and pens rubbing against it, but still).

The front of the zipper case has two card slots in which I stored business cards of all the tasty restaurants I tried and loved.

The kraft folder held ticket stubs, receipts and other paper ephemera on both sides.

And then the inserts were used to write down directions, tasks, places to visit, and stamps.
This notebook size was actually so handy and practical for this trip. So glad I decided to bring it along!


  1. oohh this is what i exactly need! i'd sound silly but i saw it awhile ago at kinokuniya and never thought what's it for. now i knew. and i want one! thank you so much. this is really inspiring xx

  2. I need this! So perfect for receipts!

  3. It's very handy. I always use MUJI planner and sketchbook, might try Midori next.

  4. This is incredibly handy!
    And it looks so professional.
    I'm definitely down for this.


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