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Crafty Links

These pretty (and free) printable holiday tags

Speaking of holidays, these paper bows would look darling on gifts

Turn a "blah" lamp shade into this chic looking one...with washi or vinyl tape!

A great snail mail gift idea 

Simple handmade clay magnets

This adorable coffee cup cozy

If my crocheting skills were on point I would totally make these for all my tea drinking friends

And if you're a lover of all things kawaii you just might enjoy this website for cute craft ideas


New favorite Flickr account

New favorite blog

What a nice, thick, decorative travel Smash Book

This mother's Midori Prayer Journal

Absolutely l-o-v-e all of the details and art within this journal


  1. I love inspirational links! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. thank you for compiling this for us!

  3. Thank you for this compilation! :)

  4. Love these DIY links. I wish I had the time to crochet those little mugs. I think that my mom would love to have a whole series of them!

  5. Looking forward to these DIYs :)


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