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Midori snippets in Washington DC

The view from the hotel room in DC was nice. I was upgraded to the city front so there was always something to see. But with that being said, I had to make sure my curtains were kept closed at night so that the building in front of me wasn't getting a free peep show. 
During the mornings I had a lot of down time so I used this opportunity to draft upcoming blog posts, catch up on some reading, and of course, journal away. I brought along both midoris and actually got a lot of use out of them.
The regular size notebook housed all of the travel ephemera- brochures, restaurant receipts, ticket stubs, admission passes, recommendations, business cards, etc. Bringing back a fat stack. The passpost sized was used to jot down quick notes, directions, ideas, and memories.
The temperature in Washington DC has dropped down to the 50s at the moment, so I'm ready to come home now. Arizona is projected to be in the 80's this week. Now that's more like what I'm used to.

And a thousand thanks to those that offered their restaurant and attraction suggestions! It was most helpful! I can happily say that in the short amount of time I had, I certainly made the most of it!

Hope you had a splendid weekend!


  1. i love Washinton! i haven't been there in so many years.
    Really love the craftiness you put in your notebooks ;)

    1. Sandy, hi! How have you been! Yes, Washington DC was nice, definitely an experience. The food there was so delicious and the historical museums and buildings were beautiful. Thank you so much!


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