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2014 Recaps

This year is finally coming to an end, and wow, so much has happened in these past 12 months. Seriously, where did the time go?

The last two days I spent some quiet time recapping and journaling down all of this year's memorable events. It's weird, yet amazing, to see how much I've changed in 2014. And looking back at my vision board, I can happily say that I've accomplished everything on there. (Moving out of the country didn't happen, but it worked out for the better that way.)

Just a few highlights I made note of:
- Got more involved and consistent with everyday journalings. It's like a second form of daily mediation for me. Art journaling has quickly become a favorite of mine as well.

- Started using my midori journal more and for different reasons, and in the end I realized that it's okay if it's always switching hats. It's meant to be interchangeable.

- While I loved using my Molang planner, I realized that my favorite daily planners to use are the spiral ones.

- The Journal Diaries was born this year, (read the very first post here) and I was so thrilled to have connected with other passionate and creative journalers. And to be honest, I was so surprised to find out that there were sooo many other journal lovers out there, too! It's nice to know that this appeals to both men and women, girls and boys, ranging from all ages, and coming from all different parts of the world.

-Enjoyed making some new penpal friends, and enjoyed continuing the bond with the ones I already had.

-Made my very first zine! That was such a fun and rewarding experience!

- Got hooked on audiobooks. The Alchemist was one that was on constant replay. Some days driving to and from work were the moments I looked forward to.

- Completely gave up on TV. (Thanks to spending all free time packing together snail mail, or blogging) There was a short period where I was hooked on Scandal, but then I snapped out of that hole real quick.

- Visited Korea and loved every moment there. Gosh, I still need to post some of the trip's pictures up here. So behind.

- Visited Washington DC for the first time. There were so many wonderful museums, yet so little time. At least I was able to see all of the popular attractions. That was nice, and the food in that city is amazing!

- Found beauty in the desert throughout my desert hikes and appreciated more of what Arizona has to offer.

- Some days may seem like a struggle, but if other people can get through theirs, I can, too.

On a deeper and more personal level, I also journaled on some of these surrounding thoughts: 
- In 2014, what changes were made (in life, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially)?
- What were my strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve?
- What were some beliefs and/or habits that I developed?
- What were some accomplished goals?
- What lessons were learned?
- How was 2014 different than 2013?
- How did I help people? Make a difference? Form a connection?
- What were some highlights from this year?
- How will 2015 be different? What are my goals and plans of action? How can I make things happen? What steps do I need to work towards to accomplish my dreams?

What did 2014 bring for you?


  1. Oh I love the journal diaries! I'm also enjoying art journal allot lately aaaandd I also gave up on TV!!!
    Jade x

    1. Jade, thank you so much for your constant support. It means a lot to me! I'm so glad that we "met" this year!

  2. Sorry if this posts twice but I think my previous comment was eaten! I am so pleased to have found your blog as it is always nice to find fellow journal keepers!

    1. Hi Kelly!! Thank you for reading and commenting! Welcome aboard le blog! Yes, journalers unite!


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