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Good mail days- Incoming from LA, California

This mail was such a beautiful surprise. (As they all are, right?) 

As soon as I opened my PO Box, I knew right away who it was from.

Even though this was our first time exchanging mail, I would recognize this calligraphy like handwriting and vintage chic style anywhere. This parcel was from Eunice, aka @thedailyroe, from IG.

Gosh, this pretty paper, white wax seal, and tiny golden key charm had me debating on whether or not to actually open this. It was so neatly wrapped and tied perfectly. Some things are best done slowly, ya know? Sipping wine, slurping soup, and opening up pretty presents.

Inside were these adorable antique style ephemera stickers, a lovely handwritten note, and the cutest phone accessory that I just couldn't wait to use.

Have you ever received something too nice to use? Yeah, these are one of those things for me. Too selfish to use these stickers on anyone or anything, but too nice to keep hidden away, too. What's a girl to do?? #signsofastationeryhoarder

Seriously, I need to up my handwriting game. Eunice's handwriting just makes me smile...and cry.

Aah. And this little fella. 

You see, originally, Eunice had messaged me asking if I would like this extra cellphone charm she had. She was so sweet to have remembered that I was in love with hers from an IG post a while back, and offered to send me one. The pretty little sakura egg charm was nicely nestled in this box. Such a cute packaging idea!

I later discovered that the egg even changes colors in the sun, a nice warm purple. Turns out it can detect UV. Love it!

Thank you so much, Eunice! Again, I truly appreciate your kind thoughts, and what a wonderful happy mail to have received!


  1. Omg Michelle! Just realizing I left out the L in "little" oops!! I can spell I promise!! Hehe. Enjoy everything chin goo!! Xo,

    1. I didn't even realize that!! Haha. Your handwriting is too beautiful to notice. :)

  2. I love your mail posts! What is it you generally send/receive? Do you make the things or buy them? I'm intrigued!xx


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