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New arts & crafts supplies

Just a few new arts & crafts supplies I've accumulated over the past few months. My favorite has been these fabric washi tapes and vintage style paper clips from Michaels. 

I used these little keys to accent a few outgoing snail mail packages back in December. One of the keys I used to even turn into a necklace charm.

These stamps were used to make a few DIY tags.

Why buy when you can make?

And this...Gosh, love how beautiful the floral design of this fabric washi tape is. I was sticking strips of this everywhere and anywhere!

One-way stickers

Mini wooden clothespins and vintage style paper doilies.

Using these paperclips as page markers for the filofax planner. 

Wooden tags I use when gifting wine bottles or drinks. Adds a nice little touch to them.

What are your current favorites?


  1. Love the stamps! Well, love everything really! I have to stock up my arts supplies again ;) x

  2. Great supplies! I love the doilies and stamps. <3

  3. How lovely! Happy creating. x

  4. I've never seen so much krafty/vintagey goodness all in one place *_*

  5. I have those exact fabric tapes from Michaels and the cool one way stickers too! Some of my favourites! :)


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