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Doodles in the art journal

If you happen to have a Hobby Lobby in your neighborhood, you might enjoy this blank journal just as much as I do. The paper weight is perfect for writing, sketching, drawing, gluing, you name it. Love it so much!

As of lately, I've been using the quiet mornings to just doodle whatever comes to mind. (This calligraphy pen is a current favorite for those.) Some days I switch back and forth from writing to drawing, and even painting. That's what makes an art journal fun. It can be so random and fun.


  1. Since Hobby Lobby doesn't believe in women's rights or gay rights, I won't bother with them at all. I only spend money with people who aren't trying to actively hurt me.

  2. Indeed. I would recommend Piccadilly or Moleskin journals instead. These companies both sell journals that have the same aesthetic and quality.


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