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Which travel journal to bring?

Summer vacation is only a month away, and I have to start planning out not only the trip's itinerary but also the travel journal that will accompany me throughout all the fun times. Decision, decisions.

I simply can't decide between the regular size midori, the new undyed leather journal, my spring hobonichi journal, or the passport size midori. Which would you choose? Or which would you like to see more use of? Your ideas and suggestions are all welcome!

Whichever travel journal I end up using I promise to share pictures and videos of the everyday use, so stay posted!


  1. Go for the regular size! it's a "traveler's notebook":) it fits everything and when it gets too bucky just take out the current refill with you and leave the rest at hotel. IMHO
    can't wait to see your travelXjournaling post!

    1. Good point! The regular one it is then! Thank you for your input, Chloe!

  2. I think the regular Midori would be thinner and lighter for carrying. I love my Hobonich but sometimes feel heavier. I love your blogs.

    1. You're so right! The lighter it is, the better, espeiclally since I'll be running around all day. I'll go with the Midori then!

  3. The regular Midori for sure, its light and has more journaling space than the passport size.

    1. And that it shall be! Thank you!


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