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Midori Snippets

More journaling snippets posted weekly on the Instagram here.

See how I setup my passport size traveler's notebook in this video
Check out these inspiring traveler's notebook links
Anyone else a big fan of Patrick's TN IG posts and Flickr account? (Patrick if you're reading this, I absolutely need, yes, *need*, one of these beautiful Seoul leather tags.)


  1. Patrick's fan here too! Those leather tags look so "delicious":P

  2. I finally watched your summer vacation video: You have the most Graceful, Beautiful hands! I have used ASL/ESL(sign language) since I was 8 year due to classmates, so I still talk w/ my hands & I notice EVERYONE's hands & eyes. Beautiful set up, very creative spot of Joy in your life. You inspire me to go beyond my daily list in my planner. Thank you. My #1 recommendation to everyone that has a trip: either ziplock bags or a sandwich bag book, w/ daily dates, for the epic amounts of ephemera we gather in our Wanderlust. Enjoy. Thank you for sharing. You help us all overcome our anxiety. Keep up sharing your joy.

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for the compliment! I never really thought to see my hands in that way. I'm what you would call a person that talks with their hands. They're always flying around in the air matching my current mood or emotion. My friends always point out and make fun at the fact that I just can't keep them still! ;)

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! The ziplock bag is a great idea! Definitely going to use that for the next trip! Thank you.


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