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Outgoing mail {and a big Thank You!}

 A few weeks back I had some grabs bags up for sale. To my surprise, I had over 20 orders submitted! Wow, I couldn't believe it. I want to say thank you so much, my friends, for your interest and much loved support!

Also, if you don't know by now, I'll be out of the country for this summer vacation. During my time away, you already know I'll be out scouting for new and one of kind stationery goods. But let's be real, are you surprised? ;)

Funny thing is, all of the profit that was made from the grab bags are going straight back into more! Yay, right? So if you missed out on the first round, no worries. There will be more to come. While at this time I can't say when exactly, I'll be sure to announce it here on the blog once they're available.

For those that ordered and received my happy mail packages, thank you, again, and I hope you enjoyed them! 


  1. Hi Michelle!
    May I ask you a question? I've been wanting to snail mail since FOREVER, but I can't seem to find any snail mail / pen pals! Where did you find yours? How did you start?
    Thank you in advance!
    - Maria

    1. Maria, search on penpal and similar tags on instagram :)

    2. Hi Maria,

      All of my pen pal relationships were formed through Instagram. You can find people on there through a few hashtags such as #penpalswanted #lookingforpenpals #penpals #snailmail, etc. Also, you can look into websites such as Postcrossing. This is a great way to send little hellos to people all over the world through postcards. Hope this information helps!


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