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Note to self: Release Your Fears

One thing I have struggled with a lot these past three years was facing and owning up to my fears.

These fears were so strong that it had lead me to the point of personal insecurities, doubt, and negative self-talk.

One thing that has helped me break out of this, thankfully, was daily meditation, journaling, books, and really getting to know myself...the real self. Not the self I thought I was, but the self that was hidden behind years of outside influence.

 It took a while to see the truth for what it was, but in time I slowly began to understand my real and raw thoughts, challenged myself to improve in certain areas day by day, and worked to love myself more than I ever thought possible.

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  1. YES! You're so right that the things you fear the most are the things you most need to do :) Your list is great, and your photos and site and overall everything is just lovely! Hope you are managing to let go of your fears, or to face them head-on! X


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