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Why & How I started using a Midori Traveler's Notebook

What got me into using a Midori Traveler's Notebook? How do I use it? What is my setup like? What do I like most about it?

These are the curious questions I've been coming across more and more as this journal has become so popular and peaked the interest of many as of lately. So instead of trying to type all of my answers into a drawn out blog post (that would just get way too long), I've answered all of these questions here on my latest YouTube video. Feel free to check it out!

On Instagram a few days back I also asked travel notebook users themselves what they like most about this journal, and here are what some of them had to say-

• It's absolutely beautiful. It's simplicity, authenticity and flexibility. That's why I love my midori.

• I love making travel journals myself,it's such a pleasure to add elements,pockets and different pages. I think that a book form in general is very appealing,especially of the blank book that you'll fill in for yourself)

• I love how easily it can be customized ...and the fact that it has no ring binders (making it compact and, easier to write on.)

• I love the proportions of the original, and it's also easy to DIY and customize.

• It just feels good holding it and then you open it and it's full of the loveliness you can create and it's so flexible and it's just LOVELY!

• I don't have one yet but I can tell you why I'm going to get one! It's just so lovely to look at and the concept of it is just really simple, clean and easy on the eyes to me. The inserts and everything make it so versatile and I like the compact sizes of the regular and the passport

• I agree with@sashabook. It's simplicity allows me to use it as a travel journal in whatever way I like! No need to fill in columns or dates or name of places.. I write, stamp and decorate it however I love to. And the fact that it ages well is a major plus point!

• I love the paper~ it's so wonderful and there's no bleed-through, which is amazing! The notebook itself is lovely, too, of course- love leather!

• I love the beauty of the leather, that it's a simple concept and the flexibility of being able to swap notebooks around.

• I prefer the various sellers doing colourful fauxdoris but I don't own a genuine Midori. I also love the new personal size as its big enough for what I need for planning but not too big to fit in my bag. I like the fact that you can swap out the booklets & they're easier to store than loose leaf paper.

• I like how customisable the traveler's notebook is: buy original inserts, make your own inserts; too heavy? Remove an insert or two. I also like that the leather comes in 'easy to accessorise' colours and that the regular size fits in most of my handbags.

• I tried to create my own Fauxdori's...but nothing beats the original leather of the Midori's. i have all 3 TN's in black, brown and blue! makes me happy every time I even think about writing/using them

• I love the leather, the inserts, and the simplicity.They're just so beautiful, for me, nothing is as beautiful as the original Traveler's Notebooks.

And now it's your turn to share! I'm curious to know what about the traveler's notebook style do you like and that appeals to you the most?


  1. I didn't know these existed - but I'm watching your video about them now and I'm loving it. I had hacked a moleskine to basically do what you've done with this. But I think I'll prefer this in the future. Thanks for the information :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I truly appreciate it! I enjoy using moleskine notebooks as well. They're the perfect size for journaling, and the hard cover ones make it convenient for traveling.

  2. I dont own a traveler's notebook yet but I will do very soon! I think I'm going to love that the inserts are books because there will be no loose sheets of paper I have to file away like with a filofax. I also love the look of the leather once its been used for a while.
    I also just discovered your bl8g through Instagram and I love it! I haven't come across a blog that's so full of planner goodness! :)


    1. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for commenting! Yes, the booklet style is one big thing that I love about the traveler's notebook system. It makes it easier to keep track of all of your pages and to look back on. Plus, they're interchangeable making your planner system very flexible.

  3. I am old enough that Trapper Keepers were extremely popular when I was in primary school. For the not-so-old, these were 3-ring binders with graphics from popular cartoons, comics, and movies on the exterior, and there was a whole line of folders, notebooks, and other accessories to customize the interior. The first time I saw a Traveler's Notebook, all I could think was that here, at last, was a fancy Trapper Keeper for grown-ups. So, in addition to an appreciation for the utility and aesthetic of the MTN, I also have a great deal of nostalgia for my school days and my Trapper Keeper.


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