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San Francisco Travels

Just a quick "hello" from San Francisco!

Although I'm only here for a week, I've already been eating my heart out, walking my feet off, and seeing all there is to see in this hilly city.

The views are remarkable everywhere I go.

I'm really enjoying the Victorian houses, breezy weather, and feeling nostalgic every time I come across the bay area's foggy scene. The people here have all been nice, and are all so unique. The city life is just how I imagined it, and the shopping options are amazing!

Oh, and I did I mention the food? You really can't go wrong with any restaurant in San Francisco, in my opinion. Service may not be the best everywhere, possibly due to the volume of tourists that are always in and out, but nonetheless, the food is yum!

And if you don't know by now, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I always make sure to start my mornings off right.

Thanks to all my amazing Instagram friends that have recommended their must-visit stationery stores. Here are a few that were mentioned:

• Maido
• Daiso
• Case for Making
• Little Paper Planes
• Union Street Paperie
• Muji
• Kinokuniya Bookstore
• Itoya Topdrawer
• Castle in the Air
• Flax

Maido was the first store I made sure to visit, as I've heard a few good things about them. And guess what? I went to all three of their locations, in which all three carried different items. ( A video soon to come on that, by the way, so make sure you stay updated through my YouTube channel here.)

And as much as I love taking my beautiful passport size midori on my travels, I'm not sure how I feel about these newly developed "beauty marks" that have occurred along the way...

Anyway, ta-ta for now!


  1. San Francisco is so beautiful! I was just there the other day visiting the Disney Museum. Be sure to check out the Legion of Honor Museum. The view of the bay just around that area is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful/yummy pics! I say, did you ever receive a letter from me earlier in the summer? I sent it looong ago!


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