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The Journal Diaries- Tuğçe's Diary

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. My special guest today is Tuğçe from Turkey.

- Hi Tuğçe! Could you tell us a little more about yourself and your background?
I am Tuğçe from Turkey. I am geography teacher. I am living in a quite dynamic, colorful and historical city which has sea. Actually I began to writing in my high school years but I haven't written much. Mostly I began writing after university. I created a blog and continued to write in there. Then I gave a break and start to write on my notebooks. I still write on my blog time to time.

- When do you find yourself journaling the most?
I don’t usually write daily, sometimes I write after a few days but when I’m sad or very nervous, I start to write immediately and I write many pages ..Writing is such a comforting thing that it takes away all my problems..when I am happy, my pages become so colorful☺

- What inspires your writing and artwork?
Actually everything has something which inspires me.. it is strange that mostly hand writings take my attention. People who are passing from the street, weather condition, lyrics of a song that i listened, a text that i read etc..there are so many sharings on instagram and pinterest which inspires me that i am lost when i enter them.

- What are your favorite journals to use, and what do you enjoy most about them?
I have a very pretty notebook which has cute drawings. In every page there is a surprise drawing and i shape my writings according to it. And i like this. Apart from this, i like diaries which has iconic brand.

- Do you carry any of your journals around, or do you just store them someplace?
I definitely hide it somewhere in home before I go to journey… nobody in home reads it but i don’t want it to be exposed anyway.

- What is your favorite stationery item at the moment?
Masking tapes, stamps and Daily stickers are my favorite things..

- Do you have any tips or suggestions for anyone interested in creative journaling themselves?
Even if you don’t have a nice notebook, you can create yourself a very good vintage notebook by the waste pieces that you have…and by doing this your pages are no more all you have to do is scratch those pages as you want… you can use different types of hand writings, pages from magazines or dried flowers.

- Other than journaling, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?
I like to take analogue photographs. I have a photograph blog, I share my photos there.. moreover i like everything which is handmade . Making collage, canvas, drawing is really enjoying. Apart from this i like getting to know different cultures and travelling. I have been writing letters to different people in different countries..and i have lots of postcards☺


Thank you so much, Tuğçe, for sharing your lovely journal pages with us!

For all you wonderful readers looking to connect and to continue being inspired by Tuğçe's creative journaling, you can find more of her work here:
INSTAGRAM: @tuucccee

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  1. I still love this series as much as I did when I first discovered it. Thanks for sharing an inside glimpse into another journal.

  2. Each journal get lovelier than the last, thanks so much for this section, it's so inspirational!

  3. I missed this section! Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I love her posts on Instagram :) Nice write up on her!

    Hello from Erica Choy/ @erica_choy on IG. *waves* :D

  5. Hi, nice blog. really enjoyed your writing . Thanks for your wonderful blog

  6. i am from turkey too! very inspired article <3


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