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Good Mail Days- The Orange Manuscript

This happy mail comes all the way from Germany...

As soon as I saw the parcel sitting there in my mailbox, I knew that this delivery was something special. I knew that this present was going to be something I would treasure forever and ever...

As my eyes twinkled at the sight of this beautiful gem, I knew right away who it was from and what it was... José Naranja's art journal- The Orange Manuscript.
I made sure to open the package nice and slow, unraveling the notebook from the layers of wrapper it was protected and covered with. As soon as my hands touched the 3.5" x 5.5" notebook, I just sat there, holding, admiring, studying it all and tracing the hand drawn details of the journal's cover label with my fingers.

As I carefully flipped open the journal, it was like entering a magical journey within José's creative world.

The pages within are just so so breathtaking.

It felt like I was right there holding José's actual original art journal. The details, colors, and textures are all so very vivid.
Each page was looked over and over again. Up and down. Back and forth. My fingers kept running through all of the illustrations in absolute awe.

I am just so deeply honored and grateful that José was so kind to send me a copy of his Orange Manuscript creation. I'm telling you, the details in this notebook are absolutely remarkable!

And as much as I'd love to show the journal page by page, this is a masterpiece that you'll have to feel and flip through on your own to get the full beauty and experience of it.

If you're on Instagram, I encourage you to follow José and his artful journey. You'll see that he recently did a mini flip-through of this art journal, in which he still has a few left available for purchase.

Click here to see a video flip-through of the few pages. You won't be disappointed, I can promise you that.


  1. This is superb! It MUST be purchased for anyone wishing to admire handwritten art and addict travelers, perhaps even more...These artists are so weird that they must be helped buying their stuff... The more you acquire this journal, the more you will love it and the more you will have more and more... Is it possible? It seems so...

  2. I love his artwork thanks to you introducing him to me. So jealous you have his book! :)

  3. to dieee for! it's beautiful! - will definitely check his work out!
    Jade xo

  4. Lucky you!! I wanted to buy it but the price is too steep for me. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing the currency converter correctly! LOL! But seriously, what a treasure it is to have. His art is beautiful and inspiring. :)

  5. What an awsome book!! I wish I could get one but too expensive for a printed copy. LOL!

  6. Is it really over $300 dollars? I thought the book beautiful but a bit pricey for a printed copy.

    1. I agree, pretty ridiculously priced for a printed reproduction.


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