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Free 2016 Printable Calendar for Traveler's Notebook

I recently added a free year-at-a-glance calendar for the traveler's notebook. While in the past I never used these much, I decided to use this year's to mark off days that I achieve my one daily goal. More details on that soon to come.

By the way, make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, if you're not already. I'll be showing a detailed flip-through of my traveler's notebook setup (along with my current bullet journal format) very soon...

Happy Weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely printable


  2. Great post.Thank you for this wonderful post.

  3. This is just the exact same printable that's available on the Traveler's Notebook official website:

    The least you could have done is mention where you got it from, instead of making it sound like you made it yourself.


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