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Midori Traveler's Notebook- How I Bullet Journal

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting bits and pieces of my traveler's notebook planner setup videos posted. Here's how I bullet journal and keep track of all those important daily tasks. Plus, I share the book that inspired me to keep all things simple behind my planning system in the video below-

Also, if you're active on social media, especially Instagram (my favorite web place to be), stop on by and say "hi!" I also started a Facebook page here, and I'm somewhat tweeting nowadays too. Oh, and can't forget the Bloglovin' app!


  1. Your voice is so pleasant! Great video. :)

  2. Just started using TN, thanks to your blog and videos. I do bullet and I like the idea of MUST DO commitment. I tend to get overwhelmed if I list too many tasks. Thanks!

  3. What a brilliant video! Thanks for sharing. I adore the midori range x


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