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Good Mail Days- Incoming from all over!

Happy mail came in from my dear friend Prem in California!

This picture is one of my favorites! Prem actually took this during one of her walks and printed it out. It just looks so calm and peaceful... At this moment, it's hanging on my wall of handmade postcards so that way every time I pass my closet, I see it and smile.

Inside this little envelope was a nice bundle of stamped airmail designs. 

This package was such a treat to go through. I was really loving this vintage/airmail theme as well. Thank you, Prem, as always! Hearing from you is always such a joy!

I also received such lovely mail from Cherman in Canada. She included so many cute paper goods within her letter, including this postcard she picked up in the Hongdae district of Seoul! (I love Korea!)

This pretty envelope included beautiful washi tape samples, paper ephemera and a sweet little note from Crystal in Malaysia!

And last, but not least, this adorable card and letter from Rhea in New York, She was even so kind enough to include a wonderful newspaper clipping featuring one of my favorite bookstores, Kinokuniya. Thank you so much, Rhea!


  1. Love snail mail! Awesome letters you got there :)

  2. I do love the vintage theme, so very pretty

  3. AnonymousMay 24, 2016

    Pretty good mail days!!!! Such lovely and beautiful pieces !!! Love them!
    Jade x


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