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Gillio Compagna Pocket Planner- Vision Board Setup

The Gillio Pocket Compagna setup is coming along pretty strong. Got the credit cards moved in, a few dollars tucked away, and my powerful vision board all made.

Vision board, you ask? Yes, my most important feature that I add to all my planners. Remember the one I added to the Filofax and the Midori Traveler's Notebook? Well, now I got one for this Gillio pocket planner.

Not only did I make a vision board, I also made sure to include my positive affirmations and daily mantras. You'll have to watch the video here to see more details.

So far, so good, though. This little wallet planner is great for jotting down quick notes and thoughts. It really comes in handy when checking off the weekly grocery list.

Time to work on the other sections now.

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  1. Wow! I must say that your planners are so cool. They are so useful and important for real professionals. Thanks for inviting me here. Your site is really cool. I am hoping the same coolant works from you in future. Please keep me updated about any news.

  2. I want to try one of those.

  3. I can't get enough of your filofax related posts and videos and those about the travelers notebooks that you have are just to die for!
    Jade xo


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