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New Art Journal- Moleskine Sketchbook

Got myself a new art journal. So far I'm really enjoying the Moleskine Sketchbook. Contour and daily sketchings is my current obsession, so I've made it a point to practice a new drawing every chance that I get.

The weather here in Arizona is getting cooler. It's nice.

November is the perfect time to go out and take beautiful hikes up into the mountains. It's been a while since I've explored Sabino Canyon, but with this new sketchbook of mine, I'm more inspired than ever to pay a visit soon.

P.S. Over the past few months I've been stuck (deep) in a creative rut. Do you have those moments too? Well, I'm so glad I came across this book by Gregg Levoy. It was clearly a sign from my art angels..and it's been my morning read every day since I came across it. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that this is one of my top favorite books ever.


  1. Michelle you've reminded of this book & I have it. It's a portent. It's now beside my bed. It's got lots of sticky notes in it. Thank you for that nudge to read it again xx

  2. It's always so nice to break in a brand new sketchbook <3 You make me want to do it, too XD! Good luck filling out the pages and have fun! Work through your rut!

    Rosegold Fox


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