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Midori MD Notebooks

I think I've found the one....the favorite A6 journal. The Midori MD Notebook.

Remember when I went to visit Seong Joon's Midori store in Seoul, Korea?

Well, I during my visit (and ultimate stationery shopping spree) there, I picked up these Midori MD Notebooks, one with the grid paper design and the other with the blank paper. Both sizes in A6.

Surprisingly, (as I do have a tendency to just hoard collect the journals) I'm putting these notebooks to good use this upcoming year.

As I was cleaning out and organizing my desk space yesterday, I saw these notebooks peeking over at me. As I glanced over, I noticed my Hobonichi cover positioned right next to them, and then the idea hit me!

I could use these Midori Notebooks as a bullet journal within my beautiful Hobonichi cover. (If you don't already know, my grip with the Hobonichi planner itself is the layout and those darn quotes on the bottom of the page. In my opinion, they take up too much room on the bottom, and I feel like it's wasted space that could be used for more writing. Am I the only one that feels this way? Tell me that I'm not...)

Let me just say that the paper within the MD Notebook is amazing, and so smooth... Like, how did I not know about these notebooks before? The first time I've ever seen these was at the T.I.ME stationery store, but apparently these Midori MD Notebooks have been around for years. Whaaat?

Before getting started and working on my setup, first things first. The pen ink test.

I whipped out all of the pens that I use on a regular basis, to test out the bleed-through with this paper. And just as I had imagined, they all passed.

Another great feature that I love about this Midori MD Notebook is that it lays flat. This is a very important feature that I look for in any planner and journal. So, big win there.

Here are more details of my how I set these up within my Hobonichi cover. Also, be sure to stay subscribed to my YouTube channel if you're curious to see how I'll be using these Midori MD Notebooks, and the fun bullet journal setup I have in mind! Can't wait to share them with you.

If you're curious as to where you can purchase these, I'm sure a quick google search will lead you to some online retailers. Or you can be like me and just order it through Amazon here (because I order everything from there to get the free shipping).

Oh, January. How I'm patiently awaiting your arrival...

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  1. When i visit Tokyo last week i was in LOFT and had my first touch of MD notebook paper, I was in awww, the creamy hand feel and the visually comforting beige colour... i grabbed the same size thinking it will fit into hobonichi too:) I heard so many good things about MD papers i think writing on it will be a wonderful process!

  2. I have this as well, but only the one with blank pages. It's great! Really wishing I had bought more. I tend to hoard notebooks as well until there are so many that I have no idea what to do with them all! It gets overwhelming - definitely trying to change this in the new year.

    happy holidays xx


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