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The Travel Diaries- Korean Kimbap

 Between you and me, my main mission when traveling is to eat as much delicious food as possible (while collecting cute stationery supplies along the way).

So while I was in Korea last summer, guess what I was doing 90% of the day? That's right. Munching away on everything I could get my hands on.

One of my favorite Korean street foods is kimbap, especially mini kimbap. Those little rolls get me hooked every time!

What exactly is kimbap, you ask? The easiest way to describe it- basically a Korean version of sushi (minus the raw fish). Here's a good kimbap recipe with more details, if you're interested.

These delicious seaweed wrapped rice rolls are sold everywhere in Korea, and they make for great take-out meals or snacks.

I plan on sharing more delicious food pictures and travel footage from my Korea trip, so sit tight! Also, here's the setup video I did on my Camel Traveler's Notebook for this vacation.

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  1. Oh, my goodness. That looks delicious, I definitely want to try making this. I've made cali rolls before, I know that's not really sushi but it was fun to make. XD

  2. I often make kimbap myself with simple ingredients, but I have never tried mini kimbap, they looks so delicious. I hope someday I could visit Korea and eat all street food, they look so good~
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