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Rice Catcher

For you rice cookers out there-
Am I the only one that didn't know about these? It wasn't until recently (when I was visiting Korea) that I came across this cute little rice catcher at Emart. To be honest, whenever I made rice sometimes most of the times I was too lazy to do a thorough rinse. Why? Well, I just had this thing where it bugged me if any rice fell out of the pot I felt like I "lost" the rice cleaning game. So, usually one rinse it was. I know, I know, pure laziness. But hey, now I have no excuse with this thing.

At first looking at it I was a little skeptical. How can this small rice catcher stand against the towering tumbling wave of rice? I figured for $3 might was well give it a shot. The little clip-on tool was sitting in the back of my drawer for weeks until one day I finally got caught cheating on the rice cleaning method. (Not like anyone noticed the difference in texture or taste anyway.)

So I tested this little smiling-plastic-bowl-of-rice thing works so well! Not a grain could pass it! Now I actually enjoy cleaning the rice and testing the catcher every time. "Will it miss this time? What if I put more rice in it? What if I pour it fast?" Still catches 'em all!


  1. Where did you buy this!?!? it must be an Asian thing, because my partner is German and she grew up in New Jersey and she never washes the rice...and I'm always scolding her! I would love to get this cute little rice catcher...can I buy it online?

  2. I need this!!! LOL, I usually drop like almost a half handful of rice whenever I clean it. LOL



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