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Some Days........

Some days......
-I wonder how my life would be if I could relive certain moments of my life
-I wish I had more
-I dream about traveling all over the world without the burden of work, stress, money
-I feel like futhering my education
-I'm curious to know where my life would be if my parents never divorced
-I wonder if I'm following the right path to my true purpose in life
-I wonder if money could really buy happiness
-I feel like telling people how I really feel about them
-I wonder how different my life would be if I lived in another place
-I wish I saw my friends and family more often
-I compare myself to my peers
-I wish I focused on learning more languages
-I just like to be alone
-I wish I had straight hair
-I wish there were more hours in the day
-I wish I took interest in other career fields
-I wish I could see into my future
-I wish there were shortcuts for everything
-I wonder if my parents are proud of who I've become
-I wish I wasn't so weak
-I wonder what it be like to be a size zero
-I wish I could bump into my exes on a day where I look great
-I imagine myself having kids
-I wonder what it'd be like owning my own business
-I wish I could eat whatever without having to worry about the concequences
-I feel obligated to do things even though it's not expected
-I think into things too much
-I wonder if people really can change

-I love the way that I am


  1. awww i love your last one.
    i always think of these points too, only human.

    cheer up hun!
    happy holidays!

  2. Oh my....I remember feeling this way...and I still ask the same questions.

  3. :) I like it! Sometimes it's scary, but it pays to be courageous and find out what's underneath the layers!


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