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My best friend's Hello Kitty baby shower

These pictures are waaay over due, but I've been meaning to share them. Sorry for the grainy pictures as these were taken with my old low mega-pixel phone. Last year (yes, it's been that long) my best friend had a Hello Kitty baby shower. I think that was another reason why she was secretly hoping for a girl. We spent the whole weekend baking cupcakes, making gift boxes, and putting together fun games for all the guests. It was definitely a cuteness overload.


  1. this is amazing! i might have to steal this whole baby shower for whenever i have a baby. i've been planning a hello kitty themed post for my blog. have a lovely weekend doll!

  2. Wow! This is super cute~ I love kitty!

  3. aww what a cute cake. i love how your friend's baby shower had a hello kitty theme - perfect for a baby girl ;)

    rachel x

  4. What a cute theme! Hello Kitty never gets old :)

  5. aw! I love Hello Kitty :3
    I saw this on your instagram! It's fun helping prepare for baby showers even though it is hard work. The end result is rewarding.

  6. so sweet! love it all<3!

  7. Oh hello kitty <3


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