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Current happenings

1. Counting down the days until my vacaaaay.
2. Black will always be my favorite color no matter how much I seem to deny it. Its tone is just so     appealing to me.
3. Currently reading The China Study, and still obsessed with listening to audio books.
4. Working on detoxing the body (and mind.)
5. Not eating as much meat throughout the week.
6. Still cutting out carbs for dinner. 
7. Sending off postcards to random people from all over the world. (You can, too, here)
8. Brushing up on my cooking and trying new recipes.
9. Now drinking my coffee black ever since I started drinking Kolger's Black Silk flavor. Plus, I'm trying to cut down on any unnecessary sugars, that includes the creamers.
10. Lost 7 pounds. *see #6*

11. Still crafting away and coming across more cute washi masking tape for my on going collection.
12. Went to go see The Great Gatsby with the girlfriends. Loved it! Must have that movie soundtrack.


  1. these are lovely captures! i love the first image with coffee & book!

  2. I have to say, you are such an awesome photographer.

  3. Washi tape! Love the B&W theme you have going in this post :)

  4. I can't wait for my vacay either!! You'll have fun here. And about your question, I used the 18-55mm VR lens, and I have another one from my parents old film camera.

  5. I love stationery! I have a patterned tape that I completely adore. Also, I think I'm beginning to grow an acquired fondness to the colour black as well as white. Simple and classic <3 Great photos!


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