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Outgoing mail- Handmade mini booklets

Here's a sneak peek into the mini booklets I had made a few weeks back, one being for Fab in Italy.

I had actually sent her something previous to this, but it somehow got lost in the mail never-never land. So I was really crossing my fingers that this would reach her safely, and fortunately, it did. Her birthday had also just passed (in March) so I got her a little travel book I came across while shopping for my New York trip. Being that she's a "smash/wreck this journal" kinda girl, I totally found this appropriate for her. It was so cute that I just had to get one for myself as well.

And this one was made for Gladys in Singapore. Remember that mini passport she had made me previously? Well, I was so inspired by it that she was actually the root of my mini booklet idea. I'm glad she liked my little creation. She's into paper crafts just like myself, so that's always a plus as we can always exchange great ideas for our next swap.


  1. Oh I love them so much! I want to do some penpal-ing soon!!

  2. love these arts and crafts things! It gives me so many ideas for birthday cards haha.
    I've been busy with work lately, at least i wish i can use that as an excuse all the time, but honestly i miss blogging, sometimes i just can't bring myself to write anything. You know that feeling?
    thanks for still reading my blog! muahhhhz

  3. These are so cute! I am sorry that I haven't gotten a chance to write to you yet, I thought that I would have free time, but it is very crazy here right now.

    1. No worries! I completely understand as everyday life tends to keep us preoccupied and busy, busy, busy.

  4. Such cute items :) I really love them all!
    Great post!



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