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A rainy day

It's just one of those days. The rain always has me feeling lazy. 


  1. I love these. And I love the rain, of course.

  2. It's burning hot where I live right now! I can't wait for fall weather. :)

  3. it`s getting colder here too with rain

  4. i wish it was raining in SF. It's been so hot here that everywhere I go feels like a sauna. =(

  5. I did get your letter, I'm waiting until we get our new address to reply. BTW we are going to NYC on the 11th, 14th and 15th and suggestions?

    1. NYC! Yes, if you have time I recommend the city tour bus, especially at night. If you're am art lover like myself, you should definitely go visit the Metropolitan Art Museum. I spent all afternoon in awe there and I didn't even cover half of it. That place is huge! I did a lot of walking around the Time Square area as well and found cute little stores and restaurants.

      Let me know how your travels went!

  6. rain always seems to have that affect on me!

  7. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my post! I like your first picture. I love rainy days most ^o^ and I hope it's raining in here. It's dry season in my country now.

    Have a good day!

  8. i love the mood in this pictures <3


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